Jirayr Zorthian


Jirayr Zorthian

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Pasadena, CA

6x6 on 11x14 paper


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I photographed Jirayr Zorthian for the "Pasadena Weekly". Jirayr, was an Armenian artist who lived on his ranch just north of Pasadena, CA. The experience of meeting Jirayr and touring the ranch, which was full of his art installations was one of the most memorable experiences I've had. I subsequently visited his ranch several times and the converstion with he and his friends were both stimulating and entertaining. (Richard Feynman was a frequent guest of the ranch) Jirayr asked me to photograph his daughter's wedding, which took place at the ranch in exchange for a few pieces of his artwork; a great deal for me. 

The archival fiber Silver Gelatin Vintage Print was printed by Scott Streble (in an actual darkroom)

Watercolor prints are printed on 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper