Altadena, CA

6x6 on 11x14 paper


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The "Pasadena Weekly" wanted me to photograph Otis, for an story about business owners who committed to starting businesses in marginalized areas. There were 4-5 of Otis's friends hanging about and the gave Otis a good-natured hard time about being photographed. Saying things like, "Don't go all Hollywood on us!"

Otis was quite proud of his shop and when I  returned with a print for him, he had gotten a new sign and said he regretted I didn't take the photo with the latest sign. (I preferred the roughness of the old) but returned later to photograph himagain with his new sign.

The archival fiber Silver Gelatin Vintage Print was printed by Scott Streble (in an actual darkroom)

Watercolor prints are printed on 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper